Rise Of Customer Engagement Platform – What? Why? How?

Rise Of Customer Engagement Platform – What? Why? How?

Defined plainly, customer engagement is the profundity of the association a consumer has with a brand. Needless to say, the better the customer engagement is, the better the customer experience is and thus greater customer loyalty. Consumer is King and exercises more power over any business with his access to unlimited information and choices making customer engagement all the more significant.

Whether its buying a product, reading a post on social media, getting updates via email, reading an online review or seeing an ad on a billboard, with every exposure to a brand, customer engagement is either built or destroyed with the customer’s every move.

How to you define a customer who’s highly engaged?

Below are different personalities that embody an engaged customer’s performance:

  • Buyers– Obviously, a highly engaged customer with your brand will buy from you and not your competition. If kept highly engaged, they will keep buying from you.
  • Advocates – They promote your brand name to family and friends via word-of-mouth marketing. They not only consume from you but also announce your brand content across various channels including social networks.
  • Responders– When a customer is highly satisfied by the customer experience they receive, they deliver continuous feedback and have constant interchange of ideas with the brand. The feedback they provide is extremely vital for a business’s wellbeing and brand development. They feel they’re part of the brand.
  • Devotees– They’re not just customers, they will stick to your brand loyally. They purchase, advocate and respond to become loyalists.

So, why is customer engagement imperative?

Here are some stats to demonstrate how and why customer engagement and experience and so crucial for the growth of a business.

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